What Are Telomeres?

Telomeres have garnered so much media attention, that we have no desire to add to the confusion. Therefore, we have decided that rather than try to explain what telomeres are, and how they effect aging, we would rather you get that information from the experts in telomere research themselves.


First, we offer this brief clip from the Smithsonian and Professor Elizabeth Blackburn, 2009 Nobel Laureate.


For a slightly more in depth talk, Calvin Harley, Ph.D. and  Elissa Epel, Ph.D. teamed up for this TedMed talk. Dr. Harley is a renowned expert on telomeres, and Dr. Epel is renowned expert on stress.


For a complete overview of telomeres, telomerase, and their effect on aging, Dr. William Andrews is on the forefront of research. This program will give you a complete overview of everything telomeres are about. Best hour you’ll spend all week.