Are Your Telomeres Being Shortened By Noise?

Are Your Telomeres Being Shortened By Noise?

A recent study done in France believes that noise may shorten sparrows’ telomeres. Could this be happening to humans as well?

Noise. It is everywhere. Could the noise of traffic, car horns honking, loud music and busy streets be shortening your telomeres?

“Researchers from France’s National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) noticed that chicks conceived and raised in the din of city traffic have shorter caps on their chromosomes than those reared in a quieter place.

For the experiment, researchers blasted pre-recorded traffic noise six hours a day, seven days a week, at the chicks’ parents and then the 21 baby birds themselves. Another 16 chicks were born and raised in the relative quiet of the French countryside. When the chicks in both groups were just nine days old, scientists gave the baby birds a full physical exam, which included harvesting their telomeres.

They found that chicks reared near the racket had “significantly shorter telomeres”. The team was not sure why noise hurts telomeres, but they speculate it may disrupt the chicks’ sleep and cause them stress.” – Biotechin.Asia

I think, just in case, that I will have to make sure I spend more time outside the city, like the sparrows with the longer telomeres.