Telomere Health Added to the Traditional “Medicine Cabinet”?

Telomere Health Added to the Traditional “Medicine Cabinet”?

Can telomere health be added to the traditional “medicine cabinet” in staples for health?  Or maybe it’s complimentary?  It sounds as if a group of transhumanists may have something to say about this topic:

“Lately, I’ve been getting acquainted with London’s transhumanists: people who trust in the power of technology to accelerate humankind’s evolution and precipitate the advent of a new brand of Homo sapiens with unthinkable abilities, skills and possibilities. Among their goals, tremendous longevity that could possibly verge on immortality is paramount. If the transhumanist utopia is to happen, future humans won’t age, will surely enjoy Methuselahic lifespans, or may just opt for not dying at all.

Attending some meetings of the city’s transhumanist community—which is mainly made up of nerdy guys with Ivy League jumpers and bespectacled, bearded types—I learned that the posse is quite divided as for the best means to achieve this much-coveted goal. Some advocate Ray Kurzweil’s mind-uploading path to unlimited life. Others think that working at the cellular level to elongate telomeres or reverse metabolism-induced damages is the best way to defeat ageing and death. Still others believe that longevity is quite attainable using a more old-fashioned medical approach, i.e. taking various drugs.

While the first two are quite long-term strategies (right now we don’t know how to transfer our minds on computers, or how to make telomeres longer), the third one is particular intriguing, since you could perhaps get started with it right now.” –