What is a Telomere? Simple easy explanation

Professor_Elizabeth_BlackburnIf you are going to talk about the science of aging, the words Telomere and Telomerase will be at the heart of the discussion.   At the end of the DNA strand is the Telomere. As the cell replicates, the Telomere shortens. When it shortens and begins to fray, it can have disastrous effects. Listen to Nobel Laureate, Professor Elizabeth Blackburn a molecular biologist with UCSF as she explains what the Telomere is. Now that Telomeres and Telomerase have been discovered the race is on to create ways to have healthy Telomeres. Will healthier Telomeres reverse the aging process? Will they prevent or cure disease? The discovery alone is a step toward answering those questions. The following video can be found on the You Tube page of the Smithsonian Institute.  There is a wealth of information about this subject to be found.  Please come back often!  We will be researching and finding compelling formation for you.

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