Stress Shortens Your Telomeres?

It looks like we have more data showing that stress shortens your telomeres.

Researchers from The University of California, San Francisco recently did a study on premenopausal women and found that those under considerable stress had drastically shortened telomeres as opposed to those who were under less stress.

“They found that, compared with women experiencing lower life stress, women with higher stress had significantly shorter telomeres and less telomerase, a telomere-protective enzyme, in their peripheral blood mononucleocytes, which are immune function cells. These cells had experienced the equivalent of around 10 additional years of aging, implying that these immune cells might have poorer function and could die sooner. The high-stress group also had higher oxidative stress.” -Sienna Watkins

Ten years additional aging due to stress? Massage never sounded so good.

HT The Almagest