Telomere Length Influences Cancer?

Interesting news from the Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research in Tokyo, telomere length may have an effect on cancer cells!

As quoted from the American Society for Microbiology,

“Cancer cells have shorter telomeres compared to healthy cells, but they guard their immortality by maintaining these telomeres’ length.”

I am very curious how these cancer cells are able to maintain their length while healthy cells cannot. Very curious indeed.

Also of extreme interest,

In the study, the forced elongation of cancer cells’ telomeres suppressed a number of genes and proteins that appear to be involved in tumor malignancy, according to the report. For example, one of these factors, N-cadherin, is involved in prostate cancer metastasis.

I hope I am getting this right, but it sounds like they somehow forced these cancer cells to have lengthened telomeres, and it somehow decreased the malignancy of these cells. Now that’s exciting. Not a cure for cancer, but maybe a treatment could be born of this kind of research.

To view the research yourself, you can find it online at


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