Telomeres At The Edge

Hmm, this seems interesting though I have no idea how relevant this may end up being to health.

Telomeres at the edge
CREDIT: Laure Crabbe, Jamie Kasuboski and James Fitzpatrick, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

According to Live Science,

Wanting to better understand the role of telomeres during cell division and other parts of the cell cycle, researchers at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies tracked telomere movement in real-time. They labeled telomeres in living human cells with molecules that glowed and then used advanced time-lapse live-cell microscopy to follow the movement for at least 20 hours. The results showed that telomeres move to the periphery of the cell’s nucleus following cell division. Two proteins seem to tether the telomeres there.

I would enjoy seeing a video of this in action, watching the cells divide, and all the telomeres connect to the edge of the nucleus.  I wonder why they do?

I was unable to find the source documents for this research, I will keep looking.