Telomere Length May Predict The Common Cold?

This new study from Carnegie Mellon University seems to focus on white blood cells, one in particular, the CD8CD28 T-cell. It seems that shorter telomeres are statistically more likely to get the symptoms of the common cold, although there is a caveat.

It only seems relevant to subjects over the age of twenty two. One more reason to wish I were younger. I was curious why 22, it seemed so arbitrary.

“The increased importance of telomere length with age is likely because the younger participants had fewer very short telomeres, or that their young immune systems were able to compensate for the loss of effective cells.” -Stephen Cohen, Ph.D

Oh, I get it, they are younger, so the number of shortened telomeres are decreased. Got it.

So in other words, telomeres may effect disease as well as aging in general.

Here is the study at JAMA Network.